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Advanced Aesthetic and Preventive Dentistry

Real Value of Dentistry

Do you think it has to do with keeping teeth free of caries or gums free of bacteria?!

Not really.
It has to do with people enjoying life, spending their valuable time with families, with their loved ones, enjoying vacations, laughing out loud so hard that the cheeks hurt – true happiness, being able to achieve professional goals, focusing on a soaring career… This is what a good doctor does: keeps people healthy, free of worry and empowers them to focus on what “moves” them rather than letting them worry about risk and pain.

Is this a different approach?!

Yes, it is – a proactive preventive approach also called Direct Primary Care. “I am not just here when you need me, I am here to take care of you so you do not have to see me very often. I am here to help you age as slow as possible and feel/look Great!” – is the message a good doctor is sending.

The studies around the world are putting together all the pieces of the puzzle: we live longer than ever, we are much more active intellectually, more socially engaged and connected while our bodies age faster than our minds. Therefore, an experienced doctor DOES NOT focus just on the skills or technology how to fix something but on How to Anticipate the Disease, keep the body less stressed and age slower. In dentistry, manage the patient so he/she needs the Minimum Amount of Dentistry in a Lifetime. It means fewer crowns, fewer fillings, fewer implants… After all, they are inorganic and our body cannot fully integrate them but just TOLERATE and COMPENSATE for them. Cumulated compensation, especially functionally, can during Middle and Senior years lead to decompensation and structural failure. And then it is a lot harder to “fix”…

How does this Proactive Medicine work?!

It is based on a scientific detailed analysis of patient’s lifestyle, genetic and epigenetic risk factors and consists of a Total Body Approach protocol. It takes a perfect collaboration of different medical specialties where Dentistry plays a key role. Why dentistry?! Because nowadays it has evolved into Oral Medicine, able to detect through saliva and tissue composition the slightest variations of body health and lifestyle changes. Is your doctor taking more time to understand WHY rather than HOW?! Great! – it means he/she is treating you holistically and comprehensively; “looking” at the whole body takes time and a lot of thinking energy.

What can you do?

Inform yourself, ask a lot of questions and choose a doctor focused on taking care of You and not just the teeth and gums. Doctors who keep their knowledge up-to-date really enjoy patients asking a lot of questions. It gives them the opportunity to get to know the patients better and to educate them on prevention. Now, that is true medicine.

Costin Marinescu
Dr.-medic stom., D.D.S. (USA)

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