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About us


We are dedicated to an individualized oral healthcare, with an emphasis on prevention and smile aesthetics. The philosophy laying at the foundation of our service is:

  • Comprehensive   |  Treat the person and not just the teeth
  • Competent          |  State-of-the-art technology and multi-specialist experience
  • Pro-Active           |  A concept of health preservation vs. disease management

Our services go beyond just dentistry. We believe the best service a doctor can offer is Knowledge how to preserve health and prevent disease.

A Partnership through Knowledge

Knowing how to self-interpret early signs and ask the right questions are the best prevention. As free service to his patients, Dr.-med. stom, D.D.S. Costin Marinescu offers a partnership through knowledge that facilitates doctor-patient communications, enhancing the chances of preventing disease. His handbook – “A Collection of Blogs” answer the most frequently asked questions in dentistry and lays the foundation of a Knowledge-based / Evidence-based partnership.