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Our patients

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Marinescu for a few years now. He won our loyalty with his truly customer-centric approach, professionalism and the best of art services. Many people usually dread the visit to a dentist - we both look forward to it! I can highly recommend you stop by and find out for yourself!



For me dental health is a big part of total health. I have lived in Holland, the UK, France and the US and had dentists in all these countries. Finally I was introduced to Dr. Marinescu. I can say without a doubt that with his US background, perfectionist personality, cutting edge clinic and up to date "latest and greatest" know-how, he is the best and most complete dentist I have had. He doesn't see you as a mouth or a cavity but as a complete patient considering your total body and health in determining the best treatment for you. I don't live in Germany or Munich but I happily travel there to have him look after my dental needs. It is hard to overestimate the importance of dental health in relation to total health. The professionals that work for him and with him and his clinic are a good reflection of his professionalism and it is a pleasure to visit there for my treatments and checkups.

Willem vdV.


Excellent dental office!!! The doctors and the the staff are really warm and professional. It has been quite a while since I felt so welcomed and not stressed in a dental office. Besides the fact that the work did not hurt, the practice is really nicely put together in matter of aesthetics. They definitely have a good taste!