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Pro-active health care

“Healthy Looks Always Beautiful”

The right diagnosis is more valuable than the treatment. It empowers us to prevent rather than repair, to remove the risk rather than wait for the disease.

How can health be truly preserved?

It is a matter of approach: Conventional medical practices focus on reactive treatment, repairing when it is “broken or it hurts”. Pro-active care is focused on treating the risk factors through early diagnostics. Our goal is to keep our patients healthy so they can enjoy life, spend their time with their loved ones or doing what they are passionate about. In essence, through the understanding of individual risk factors, we establish a personalized health management program that will allow our patients to see us as seldom as possible. Besides saving time and stress, we also guarantee our work for as long as the patient employs the health management protocol. 

How do we do it?  We interpret the:

This evidence-based protocol is also employed by University of California in Los Angeles, UCLA and Spear Education. Personalized therapy based on an individual health profile is scientifically proven to preserve your oral health for a lifetime (in-sync with the systemic health) and simultaneously enhance your social appearance.

Costin is past faculty member of UCLA School of Dentistry, Department of Advanced Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry and is currently teaching as visiting faculty for Spear Education, Arizona, USA.