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The current medical science and technology CAN allow us to keep teeth for a lifetime,
even beyond 100 years of age. Old myths telling that everyone loses teeth while aging
is not valid anymore. More so, anti-aging techniques can prevent us from needing fillings,
crowns, and implants. No matter how sophisticated or new they are, dental ceramics,
composites or metals are NEVER as good as the original structure.

We are specialized in maintaining the original biological structures – teeth, soft tissues,
jaw bones and joints – and preserving their function, using the latest evidence-based
and research-proven knowledge and technology.



When the replacement of structures becomes necessary, the restorations’ longevity
relies on their successful integration with the entire body. In biology, form follows
purpose and function. We first promote regeneration using existing tooth structures,
bone and tissue by stimulation growth and self-repair.

When necessary, we then use the newest biocompatible materials – such as
zirconia, layered-ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns, with the same aesthetic
and functional properties of the original teeth.



A beautiful smile is always a healthy one. Aesthetic and functional dentistry
is engaging all medical specialties with the ultimate goal of re-establishing
balance within the stomatognathic system and improving the appearance
without damaging the existing structures nor altering their character.

It is extremely rare that function and aesthetics go on separate way; almost
always there is a functional reason why the smile does not look right.
The process of aesthetic improvement of the smile starts with in-depth
functional analysis and prototyping, followed by computerized techniques of
visualization. Ultimately, it is seamlessly integrated and simply beautiful,
enhancing (not polarizing) the other aesthetic features of the face.