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Treatment costs

Health is the most important asset we posses and we do our best best to preserve it. We employ the same philosophy in our work, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, materials and techniques as well as by employing a specialist team approach. We adhere and constantly update to the American and German academic standards of Evidence-Based Medicine.

We make no compromises.


Dental insurances do enable us to caring for our patients. As a courtesy service to our patients, we provide them with insurance-coded treatment estimates, detailed invoices and a letter of treatment description. However, situations often occur when insurances do not cover the entire cost of the treatment, especially due the continuously-changing insurance policies.

As we are not contracted with any private insurance, we cannot estimate and/or guarantee the amount of insurance reimbursements nor the insurance’s financial behavior towards our patients. We advise that you check before treatment with your medical/dental insurance whether your contract matches your treatment complexity.

We are looking forward to taking care of our patients so they require minimum amount of treatment. Any medical decision should be an investment and not an expense. This is a proactive approach rather than the conventional reactive one and we encourage you to give priority to Prevention in everything you do.

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